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SILENT FORCE: Walk The Earth




SILENT FORCE: Walk The Earth 2007-02-16 melodic power metal
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60:21 AFM 109-2
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Vera 8,5/10
nederlands Review

This German band with American vocalist releases its fourth CD ‘Walk The Earth’, but the first one on AFM Records. Though they play melodic power metal, there are a few things that make ‘Walk The Earth’ extra attractive and beyond par. Direct hit number one is Alexander Beyrodt, a guitarist who is not only very skilled in playing, but he also thought about his abilities. He says that most guitar players sound alike and for himself he worked at his own sound for a long time and called it ‘modern vintage’. He does not brag, for Ritchie Blackmore seems to be his main model. This means that we are not only flabbergasted by his fast cataract of notes sometimes, but even more we are struck by the sensitive classical guitar parts that add a zest to every song. Second thing that pleased me – a very important one – are the vocals. Thanks to DC Cooper and we know this man from Royal Hunt and a number of solo records. He has an emotional voice, sometimes he reminds me a bit of the young Rob Halford, yet without much high shrieks.

The band seems to be very popular in Japan and it was after a tour in the land of the rising sun in 2006 that they settled down in the rehearsal room of guitarist Alexander (he is the founder of the band) to work on new songs. The production was in the hands of Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69). The first track ‘Man & Machine’ regales us at the start with drawn out guitar work which instantly gratified me. A bit later these guitar licks become fiery and fast. The title track is a following track with a fine interaction between calm moments and heavy rocking metal parts, in the meantime we can enjoy a nice piano excerpt as well and a howling guitar solo. Great! In ‘Kings Of Fools’ guitar skills have an oriental touch, later on they eructate again, together with fetching choruses.

A conspicuous song is ‘Goodbye My Ghost’ that suddenly comes up with some low Sisters Of Mercy alike vocal-lines and it wouldn’t be misplaced in the repertory of a Finnish gothic band. The introvert moments and the spoken part are in fizzing contrast with the firm heavy parts. The slow of the album is ‘Save Me From Myself’, a moment of reflection. There is no weak song on ‘Walk The Earth’ at all, for also during the propelling ‘My Independence Day’, the easy going ‘Running Through The Fire’ and the pretty tight ‘Picture Of A Shadow’ my foot jumps rhythmically up and down. Besides, that rhythm is very special in ‘Blind Leading The Blind’ with the sonorous guitar notes echoing and once again a magnificent solo. In brief, this is a particular fine album with hooky choruses by which you immediately know the title, but sensitive parts with great atmosphere as well. And if this tastes of more: AFM Records has re-released the two previous albums ‘Infatuation’ and ‘The Empire Of Future’.


DC Cooper: vocals
Alexander Beyrodt: guitars
Jürgen Steinmetz: bass
Torsten Röhre: keyboards
Andre Hilgers: drums


Man & Machine (5:28)
Walk The Earth (6:28)
Point Of No Return (3:53)
In From The Dark (4:46)
The King Of Fools (4:46)
The Child Within (4:06)
Goodbye My Ghost (3:46)
Save Me From Myself (4:01)
My Independence Day (3:56)
Blind Leading The Blind (4:01)
Running Through The Fire (3:31)
Picture Of A Shadow (2:53)


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