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After All: A New Spring, A New Album And Tour With Agent Steel
Almah: A Triptych of Body, Soul and Mind: Almah
Amplifier: The visions of the outsider of ‘Insider’
Ancient Rites: Let Us Cross The Rvbicon
Angel: Chapter 1 - Open Your Books...
Annihilator: Great themes to write some angry songs NEW
Annihilator: Let’s get schizoid
Artimus Pyledriver: Bring Me The Booze And Saddle The Horse...
Benedictum: Creative Talking About Uncreation...
Bludgeon: Play in front of a crowd, feeding off their energy - is the ultimate high!
Bokor: Fortunately there are those who dare to go beyond…

Casus Belli: On Their Way To International Fame

 Cemetery Of Scream: Once in the Rain, then in the Sun and in the morning Misty Cloud…

Circle II Circle: That Was Then, But This is Now...
Creozoth: A Fine Debut Of Two Candlemass Members

The Cursed: Thrash Icons go southern rock! NEW

Dark Moor: The esoteric Halo surrounding the Figures of the Tarot
Darzamat: The Age Of Transkarpathia
Dead Soul Tribe: "September Moods Around The January Tree"
Delerious: The marriage between Bay Area thrash and German thrashers.
Destruction: Thrash anthems over America NEW
Destruction: All Hell Breaks Loose Again!

 DGM: Different Shapes of Progressive Power NEW

Domain: Celebration Of 20 Years
Domain: From Kingdom To The Empire Of Utopia
Doro: Liebe Und Freundschaft
Dreamland: Under the Wings of Joacim Cans (Hammerfall)
Drone: Welcome To The (Mosh)Pit!
Dungeon:  Dungeons Are Calling But Lord Will Be Back!
Dynamic Lights: We just follow our feelings and our emotions
Eldritch: In the neighbourhood of perfection!
Elvenking: Elvenking on tour with Jon Oliva’s Pain
Elvenking: Aydan: 'A Journey Through The Spirit Of Ancient Forests'
EmpYrios: The First Heaven on your Way to Paradise
Evergrey: The Medallion Of The Gothenburg Sound
Evergrey: 'Lots of beer and cigarettes and no sleep'
Excalion: The First Emission Of Konnevesi
Fozzy: All That Remains Are The Songs We Have Written...
Gaia Epicus: The Euphonious Victory of Gaia Epicus

Generous Maria: Infectious grooves and melodic hooks from Gothenburg

Ghost Machinery: "Having Two Bands Is Like A Dream Come True"
Godiva: Another Delicatesse From Switzerland
Gorath: The Dawn of the Fourth Era
Gorilla Monsoon: Doom Shall Rise from the Underground!
Grand Magus: The Power Of Nature And The Human Mind
Oliver Hartmann: "I'm an 80's Kid"
Helloween: Reflections of the Tour
Helloween: The Return Of The Giant Pumpkins
Intense: US Power metal from the UK NEW
Jon Oliva: "I am never going to say that I will close Savatage down, but if it ends..."

 Kamelot: The worldwide conquest of Kamelot NEW

Kayser: The Emperor Strikes Back!
Kingcrow: A Time Odyssey
Kingcrow: The "Inside Out" Story Of The 'Insider' Project
Jorn Lande: A Serenade To The Stars
The Last Embrace: Guitar Orgy From Paris
Lunafield: Exquisite Songwriting Combined With Perversion And Decadence
Mark Mangold (The Sign): Altered Signs

Manticora: Spotlights on the Black Circus NEW

Masterplan: A new start for Masterplan
Messiah's Kiss: Metal Heart
Metal Church: Acknowledging The Past On ‘A Light In The Dark’…
Metal Church: "A New Start For Metal Church"

Metalium: The continuing story of a Metalian attack

Midnight: Living After Midnight
Naglfar: We are nothing but the harvest for the scythe NEW
Novembers Doom: Tour Report From Their First European Visit
Novembers Doom: November = Month Of Doom Metal
NephereX Records: Label Report
Oceans Of Sadness: With every album closer to the core! NEW
Pagan's Mind: The Genesis According To...
Perzonal War: Play Live, Have A Good Time And Spread Our Music, That Is Our Biggest Goal
Presto Ballet: We Still Find Our Peace Amoung The Ruins Of This World

The Prophecy: New Revelations of The Prophecy

Rhapsody: Some Dark Secrets Unfold...

Saturnus: The Summit Of Interstellar Euphony

Michael Schenker Group: Some tales of rock ‘n’ roll… a meeting with the “mad axeman”
VII Gates: Interview
Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy: SSoGE Comes To Belgium
Sinamore: New Dawn In Finland
Smeer: The Quality Of The Songs Is Our Primal Concern
Solefald: An Icelandic Odyssey part II
Solefald: A World Of Cold Choirs And Viking Axes

Southern Voodoo: Surrealistic hypes and down-to-earth attitudes NEW

Susperia: Norwegian thrash attack with depth NEW
Tankard: A lovely chat with the King of Beer
The Tea Party: Heavy Music = Fathomless Lyrics And Intense Soundscapes
Threshold: Searching for 'subsurface'
Thunder: In Waiting For The Thunder Road Show
Tristania: A tip of the veil
UDO: We built up this album like a live show NEW
Ulver: The Winding Realms Of Compexity, Emotions And Depth
Uriah Heep: Notes From The Bospop Area
Wet Animal: News From The 'Trouble' Front
Voyager: Some Words From Down Under
Witchcraft: A Trip To The Vintage Colony
Wizard: World saved by ‘Goochan’ NEW
Zandelle: A Perseverant Band!

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