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News - 06 April 2009

Metal Female Voices Fest 7

MFVF7 line up is nearly full
17th + 18th October 2009
Oktoberhallen - WIEZE (B)

DORO + special Warlock show (25th Anniversary)

Appearance order will be defined later.

VIP tickets :
* Online : orders will start on 15th April (no order before, thanks !)
* Shops : announced soon
Available next weekend at "Trolls & Legendes" (Mons/Bergen),
11th - 12th April 2009
at Helcanen's stand ( )
Send us an e-mail if you want to reserve yours, be sure to get them at this event.


Narnia (S), Mad Max (D) en Forsaken (Mal) gaan we zien op 13 en 14 november 2009 tijdens de tweede editie van het Brainstorm Festival. Ook Deuteronomium (Fin), Harmony (S), In Vain (N) en Darkwater (S) zijn geboekt. De organisatie voegt nog vijf namen toe aan de line-up.
Het Zweedse Narnia is geen onbekende. De band heeft door heel Europa gespeeld met artiesten als Ronnie James Dio en Stratovarius. Ook Nederland werd verschillende keren aangedaan en de band stond op Sweden Rock Festival. Narnia brengt dit jaar een nieuw album uit via Massacre Records, wat tevens de vuurdoop is voor de nieuwe zanger Germán Pascaul (ex-Minds Eye/Mendez).
Ook Mad Max is een graag geziene gast op de Nederlandse podia. Deze Duitse dinosaurus hardrockers speelden in het verleden zelfs op Dynamo Open Air. Minstens zo interessant is de komst van Forsaken uit Malta. De laatste keer dat deze band in Nederland op de planken stond, was deze geweldige doom-band headliner op het bekende Dutch Doom Days (editie 6) in Baroeg, Rotterdam.
Fans van melodieuze death-metal kunnen zich opwarmen voor Deuteronomium uit Finland. Hun nieuwe album is een killer en de band heeft de laatste tijd indruk gemaakt met een overweldigende live-show. Het Zweedse Harmony was afgelopen jaar een van de uitschieters. Zij komen dit jaar terug. De band speelt heavy metal in het straatje van Yngwie Malmsteen, Kamelot en Nocturnal Rites.

Uit het donkere, koude Noorwegen haalt Brainstorm Festival de extreme, progressieve metalband In Vain. Dit jaar verschijnt een nieuw album via Indie Recordings, vol met black, death, doom en progressieve metal. Nog meer goed nieuws voor liefhebbers van het progressieve genre: Darkwater uit Zweden doet hun eerste Nederlandse show tijdens het Brainstorm Festival!
Het Brainstorm Festival wordt gehouden in club Gigant in Apeldoorn (NL). Naast concerten wordt het publiek vermaakt met expositie, workshops en een kleine metalmarket. Meer informatie is te vinden op

DREAMSCAPE Announces New Singer

German progressive metallers DREAMSCAPE have announced the addition of singer Erik "E.Z." Blomkvist to the group's ranks. The band says, "You might know Erik from his former band PLATITUDE, with which he was touring e.g. with bands like THRESHOLD and, amongst others, played the Sweden Rock and ProgPower Europe festivals. Erik is a great guy and awesome singer and all of us are very happy to have him aboard!!!"

DREAMSCAPE has finished recording the instrumental parts for its new album, "Everlight", due later in the year via Silverwolf Productions. The vocal recordings are tentatively scheduled to take place in May.

The band's last CD, "5th Season", was released in August 2007. It was the follow-up to "Revoiced" — a "best-of" album containing re-recorded material from the group's first two CDs, "Trans-Like State" (1997) and "Very" (1999).

HEAVEN SHALL BURN - reveal title of first official DVD release!

Bildersturm - Iconoclast II (The Visual Resistance)" will be the title of the highly anticipated first official DVD by German metal outfit HEAVEN SHALL BURN,
guitarist Maik Weichert comments:

"We can't believe that we now have the chance to finally hold our first DVD in our hands!!! We did not expect that it would be so much hard work to get it done, but of course it also was loads of fun to put this together.

Since we could not decide which of the two shows to use on this DVD, we decided to include both of them! The show at Summer Breeze festival last year and the one in Vienna were just equally incredible and watching them still gives us goose bumps!"

Besides stunning live material the DVD will also include a comprehensive documentary about HSB and loads of additional content, details will be announced soon. "Bildersturm - Iconoclast II (The Visual Resistance)" will be available in
3 different formats, one of them being a limited and very special edition 3-Disc Box-Set and surfaces on Century Media Records towards the end of May.

Furthermore, the brand-new video clip for HEAVEN SHALL BURN's fantastic version of Edge Of Sanity's "Black Tears" has just been finished and will be premiered in the coming weeks. The song can be found on the band's current
opus "Iconoclast (Part One: The Final Resistance)", which was released last year.


12.06.2009 Bergum (NL) - Waldrock Festival

For further info visit:

Behemoth - “Live Eschaton – The Art Of Rebellion” DVD available soon in a new limited DVD+CD edition

The Polish band Behemoth are one of the major purveyors of the horrifying, death-obsessed subgenre of heavy metal named "black metal." Led by Nergal, Behemoth have managed to conquer the world of dark, loud music since their formation in 1991. The DVD entitled “Live Eschaton – The Art Of Rebellion” contains material taken from “Live Eschaton”, Behemoth’s debut video. DVD captures the band at their best form and includes live footage from their concert in a TV studio in Krakow on the 27th of April, 2000. Behemoth performed 10 of their landmark songs, including "Carnage", "Satan's Sword", and of course "Pure Evil & Hate". Special features include 2 bonus video tracks plus 6 extra audio tracks ("Cursed Angel of Doom", "Dark Triumph", "Forgotten Empire of Dark Witchcraft", "Forgotten Cult of Aldaron", "Dragon's Lair (Cosmic Flames and Four Barbaric Seasons)", "With Spell of Inferno"), as well as an interview with Behemoth's mastermind Nergal, Discography, Photo gallery, Desktop images and more. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.
Metal Mind Productions will release “Live Eschaton – The Art Of Rebellion” on 20th April in Europe and 5th May in USA (via MVD). The new edition of the DVD includes a bonus CD with an audio version of the show.

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP DVD 0169
Format: DVD+CD digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)
Genre: black metal
Release date: 20.04.2009 Europe / 05.05.2009 USA /

CMSweden / RIVEL RECORDS - Heel & Reinxeed with new albums on May 15th!

Swedish based label CMSweden/ Rivel Records will release two new albums on May 15th, 2009. We're handling the PR for these titles all over Europe and any requests are welcome. The mailing of promo copies will start within the next days. Distributor in Europe will be Bertus.

HEEL - Chaos And Greed
HEEL from Sweden hail back with their second album which is entitled "Chaos And Greed". The band was formed by Marcus Elisson and David Henriksson (ex Insania Stockholm) in 2003 and has released the highly acclaimed debut "Evil Days" in 2007. The recordings for “Chaos And Greed” started in March 2008. The result is an a little heavier release than “Evil Days”. Lead singer David Henriksson comments: “We felt that we discovered our sound when we wrote the song “HeeL”, and kept on in the same spirit when we started writing new songs. In December 2008, everything was done and we are very much satisfied with the result.”
The album follows the Swedish Melodic Metal tradition of bands such as NOCTURNAL RITES, INSANIA STOCKHOLM, CRYSTAL EYES and many other.
HEEL are: David Henriksson-Leadvocals , Marcus Elisson-Leadguitar And backing vocals, Magnus Öberg-Bass, Alexander Gustavsson-Drums , David Jonasson-Keyboards
The story of ReinXeed started to take place in a town called Boden in the North of Sweden. ReinXeed is Tommy Johansson’s musical creation and band vision. The debut album THE LIGHT, released springtime, 2008 showed the world a new band and talent in the melodic metal world. Now - one year later since the release of THE LIGHT, the 2nd album HIGHER will see the light.
Since the release of THE LIGHT the ReinXeed has toured a lot in Sweden and also been working hard to write new material for the new album HIGHER.
ReinXeed have worked hard to develop the songs and the production on HIGHER and are already looking forward for the 3rd album production of ReinXeed. Of course the band is hoping to touring abroad especially in Japan where they have a lot of fans since the release of THE LIGHT.
REINXEED are: Tommy Johansson – Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass , guitar & orchestration , Kerry Lundberg - Guitars and backing vocals , Mattias Johansson - Guitars and backing Vocals , Ace Thunder - Bass guitar , Erik Forsgren – Drums , Henrik Fellermark – Keyboards and backing vocals
For more info on the label and both releases, please visit

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