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Latest news on While Heaven Wept


We are very pleased to announce the forthcoming release of our new album “Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence – Live At The Hammer Of Doom Festival” in November 2010!

Currently, we’re in the process of mixing the 24 track audio capture of our performance at the Posthalle in Würzburg, Germany on February 6th, 2010 and will later sync up the final master to the multi-camera pro-shot footage, resulting in our very first DVD.

“Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence” will be made available as a CD/DVD set courtesy of Cruz Del Sur Music, as well as a 2LP set via a joint collaboration between CDSM, Iron Kodex, and High Roller Records. The DVD portion will contain several bonus features that will be detailed in the next press release.

The philosophy behind this release is twofold; first, it is an expression of our gratitude to everyone who attended the show – who made it such a special, unforgettable experience for us. Secondly, being that there are many places that WHW would like to perform, but we’ve yet to reach, hopefully this will hold those waiting over until we can broker a deal to appear in your city, in person.

What I can articulate about this release so far is that the audio is incredible – perhaps in some ways better than even “Vast Oceans Lachrymose” if for naught else, the energy of the performances and the excitement of the improvisations. The video is even more amazing…expertly filmed and edited by our friends at Streetclip TV in Germany.

More details will follow in the near future, but for more information do not hesitate to contact us, Cruz Del Sur Music, Iron Kodex Records, or High Roller Records.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of other releases that will be available even sooner courtesy of Maniacal Records and High Roller Records:

The previously announced “Vessel” 7” is now available from High Roller Records, and will be in stock at Maniacal Records in the USA in approximately two weeks. This 7” is primarily a promotional item, but a very cool one; the A side features the single edit of “Vessel” (previously available only via the download-only release “The Vast Oceans Lachrymose Singles EP), while the B side is the unreleased “EU promo master” version, which is a completely different mix and master from the final album.

This is a limited edition item with 700 copies on heavy 70 gram gold vinyl, and 300 on 70 gram black vinyl (both include an insert and heavy sleeve). Please contact High Roller Records or Maniacal Records to order this release.

The next release on the horizon via the same joint collaboration of labels will be “Lovesongs Of The Forsaken,” our debut release, reissued for the first time since 1995 (apart from the flawed side 3 of the “Chapter One: 1989-1999” compilation; this new version will indeed be flawless). This release, like the other LPs released earlier in the year commemorates our 20th Anniversary, and indeed completes “the set” graphically and musically.

This version of “Lovesongs” will mark the last time the original mixes are ever officially available, and for the diehards out there, I’ve decided to include the extremely rare 1994 promo on the B Side…which was only ever pressed in a quantity of 50 cassettes to begin with, and very few people outside of Woodbridge, Virginia ever heard it. Despite the fact that it contains the same program as the A side, the mix is from several months earlier, features some different instrumentation, and has remained the most rare of all WHW items until now.

Once again, this one will be housed in an absolutely stunning, heavy gatefold and made available on both black and white 180 gram virgin vinyl. Expect this to be available from High Roller and Maniacal in late July/early August 2010.

In other news, I have unearthed several DAT tapes from the 90’s, and have started the process of transferring old reels and ADATs to digital archives; this will result in the unveiling of several previously unreleased recordings, including an entire album from 1995, several songs from the “Lovesongs” era, and even the unreleased album from the Death Metal band Parasitic Infestation that I played in with past WHW members Jon Paquin and Chad Peevy.

Additionally, preparations continue for the “Fear Of Infinity” album; we expect to begin recording this in early 2011 for a late Spring release!

Lastly, we are working hard on setting up more concerts for 2010 and 2011. Expect some news on that front very soon!

Cheers and take care!

Tom Phillips

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