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woensdag 19 februari 2014
VAN CANTO: Dawn Of The Brave

Release: 2014-02-07
Style: a cappella metal
Label: /
Country: Germany
Playing Time: 50:51
Cat. N°: NPR 525
Review by: Vera
Translated by: Vera
Rating: 7,5/10


‘Dawn Of The Brave’ is already the fifth album of the a cappella sextet Van Canto. The approach of performing covers and self-written songs with only a drummer and vocals might be well-known by now. It appears to be a rather successful formula, maybe that’s why the band could work again with renowned producers as Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween) and Ronald Prent (Manowar, Rammstein).

This time we have dumdum versions of ‘The Final Countdown’ (Europe), ‘Paranoid’ (Black Sabbath) and the eighties chart buster ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ (Bonnie Tyler). Concerning the self-written compositions, there is an interesting variegation: sturdy battle-like songs (‘Fight For Your Life’ and ‘Steelbreaker’), female lead vocals in ‘The Awakening’ and the ballad ‘Into The West’, a semblance of drama and mystery during ‘The Other Ones’ and vocally rocking during ‘Unholy’ and ‘My Utopia’. Everything is executed in a perfect manner, that’s for sure. Consequently you can purchase this album blindly as fan. For the aficionados of the genre rendered in an excellent way.


‘Dawn Of The Brave’ is alweer het vijfde album van het a-capellasextet Van Canto. De aanpak om eigen songs en covers te brengen met enkel een drummer en stemmen mag inmiddels gekend zijn. Het blijkt een formule die erg succesvol is, zodat de band nu kon werken met gerenommeerde producers als Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween) en Ronald Prent (Manowar, Rammstein).

Ditmaal krijgen we dumdumversies van ‘The Final Countdown’ (Europe), ‘Paranoid’ (Black Sabbath) en de jaren tachtig hit ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ (Bonnie Tyler). Wat eigen composities betreft is er voor elk wat wils: stoere strijdliederen (‘Fight For Your Life’ en ‘Steelbreaker’), vrouwelijke leadzang in ‘The Awakening’ en de ballade ‘Into The West’, een vleugje drama en geheimzinnigheid tijdens ‘The Other Ones’ en vocaal rockend tijdens ‘Unholy’ en ‘My Utopia’. Alles wordt perfect uitgevoerd, dat moet je hen nageven. Bijgevolg kan je als fan dit album ook weer blind aanschaffen. Voor de liefhebbers van het genre aldus.


Dawn Of The Brave (1:09)
Fight For Your Life (4:00)
To The Mountains (4:12)
Badaboom (3:32)
The Final Countdown (Europe cover) (5:04)
Steelbreaker (3:41)
The Awakening (4:13)
The Other Ones (4:26)
Holding Out For A Hero (Bonnie Tyler cover) (3:51)
Unholy (3:29)
My Utopia (5:14)
Into The West (4:25)
Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover) (3:11)

Limited Mediabook Edition Bonus CD:

1. If I Die in Battle (Orchestral Version)
2. My Voice (Orchestral Version)
3. Take to the Sky (Orchestral Version)
4. Neuer Wind (Jovian Spin Remix)
5. Lost Forever (Accoustic Version)
6. Last Night of the Kings (Choir version)

The Earbook Edition features the Bonus CD and a Bonus DVD:

1. Intro
2. Lost Forever
3. Wishmaster (Nightwish cover)
4. One to Ten (featuring Victor Smolski)
5. Rebellion (Grave Digger cover - featuring Chris Boltendahl)
6. Primo Victoria (Sabaton cover - featuring Joakim Brodén)
7. To Sing a Metal Song
8. The Bard’s Song (Blind Guardian cover)
9. Water. Fire. Heaven. Earth.
10. The Mission
11. Kings of Metal (Manowar cover)
12. Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden cover)

Video was made for 'Badaboom'.


Ingo Sterzinger: vocals (doom a bass)
Ross Thompson: vocals (high, rakkatakka)
Sly: vocals (lead)
Inga Scharf: vocals (lead)
Stefan Schmidt: vocals (low rakkatakka, wah-wah)
Bastian Emig: drums

Geplaatst door Vera op woensdag 19 februari 2014 - 17:49:08
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