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woensdag 25 juni 2014
RAGE: The Soundchaser Archives (2CD)

Release: 2014-05-23
Style: heavy/power metal
Country: Germany
Playing Time: 2h 15m 22s
Cat. N°:
Review by: Geert Ryssen
Translated by: Geert Ryssen
Rating: 7,5/10


Rage has been going on for thirty years and to celebrate that fact, they release an album of archive material, some of it is rare and interesting for the fans. Some are demos or different versions, some were bonus tracks on foreign releases or were featured on compilation albums and there are also some unreleased songs, including two new songs: ‘Anybody Home’ and ‘The Speed Of Sound’ were created from leftover ideas from previous sessions. It’s interesting to hear some first versions of songs that we know from their official releases. The band compiled this double CD out of the archives of thirty years of recording and even goes back to the days they were called Avenger. They had many line-up changes, but vocalist and bass player Peavy Wagner is the one that has been holding everything together over the years. So he’s the red tape on all of this. It’s nice to have a compilation like this, it’s a lot better than the usual ‘best of’ with a couple of new tracks. This is really a gem for the fans.


Rage bestaat dertig jaar en zij vieren dat met een dubbele cd die bol staat van interessant archiefmateriaal. We krijgen demo’s, alternatieve versies, moeilijk te vinden bonus tracks en een aantal onuitgegeven songs. Speciaal voor deze uitgave werden ook twee nieuwe nummers opgenomen: ‘Anybody Home’ en ‘The Speed Of Sound’ werden uitgewerkt op basis van een aantal ongebruikte ideeën van vorige sessies. De rode draad in alle bezettingen van de band is zanger/bassist Peavy Wagner en hij is diep gaan graven in het verleden, zelfs tot in het prille begin toen de groep nog Avenger heette. Dit is een interessante verzameling die ook duidelijk maakt hoe de groep doorheen de jaren is geëvolueerd. Dit is in elk geval een beter idee dan de gebruikelijke ‘best of’ met een paar nieuwe nummers die als lokmiddel moeten dienen voor de fans. De fan krijgt hier echt waar voor z’n geld.



Anybody Home (new song)
Mystery Trip (bonus track)
In Union (leftover 25th anniversary Nuclear Blast – demo)
Long Hard Road (live in the studio)
Full Moon (remix)
Nevermore (demo)
French Bourée (Victor Smolski solo)
A Perfect Day (leftover)
Enough Is Enough (rough first recording)
Here Comes The Night (leftover)
Spiritual Awakening (demo)
Lost In The Void (demo)
The Missing Link (demo)
Another Kind Of Madness (different version)
Down To The Bone (Avenger)


The Speed Of Sound (new song)
Darkness Turns To Light (bonus)
Death Is Alive (25th anniversary Nuclear Blast)
Gentle Murders (demo)
From The Cradle To The Grave (demo)
Refuge (demo)
Fugue No.5 (instrumental)
Last Goodbye (from ‘Beyond The Wall’ ep)
Dirty Wings (25th anniversary Nuclear Blast session)
The Pit And The Pendulum (demo)
Waterfalls (previously unreleased)
Heads Off (demo)
Assorted By Satan (Avenger)
Shame On You (demo)
Soundchaser (different version)


Current line-up:
Peavy Wagner: bass, vocals
Victor Smolski: guitars, keyboards
André Hilgers: drums

Geplaatst door Vera op woensdag 25 juni 2014 - 20:40:56
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