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vrijdag 12 januari 2018
SILVER WIND: Legion Of The Exiled

Release: 2017-11-13
Style: traditional heavy metal
Label: /
Website: /
Country: France
Playing Time: 39:20
Cat. N°:
Review by: Vera
Translated by: Vera
Rating: 7/10


More old school than Silver Wind, heavy metal cannot get. This French band comes up with all clichés of the genre and forges them into melodious songs brimming with iron and steel pride. They show the Teutonic solidness we know from bands such as Running Wild, Paragon and Iron Savior. Compatriot Jens Börner (Lonewolf) came along to add some backing vocals and as extra they covered ‘Medieval Steel’ of the cult band with the same name. Strictly speaking this happens to be Iron Maiden meets Manowar meets Grave Digger, but less convincing.


Meer old school dan Silver Wind kan heavy metal niet worden. Deze Franse band haalt alle clichés uit de kast, smeedt ze tot melodieuze songs waarin het staal ons om de oren vliegt en zoekt het vooral in Teutoonse degelijkheid zoals Running Wild, Paragon en Iron Savior. Landgenoot Jens Börner (Lonewolf) kwam ook nog langs om wat achtergrondvocalen bij te dragen en als aardigheid coveren ze ‘Medieval Steel’ van de gelijknamige cult band. Strikt genomen is dit Iron Maiden meets Manowar meets Grave Digger, maar minder overtuigend.


Intro (1:45)
Legion Of The Exiled (4:52)
Miracle Steel (4:26)
Fight For Glory (5:02)
Steel Against Steel (4:52)
Lord Of The Last Rampart (4:17)
Revenge (4:35)
Medieval Steel (4:55)
Sword Of The Snow (4:20)


Antoine Volat: vocals
Mathieu Bérard: lead guitars
Eric Fichere: rhythm guitars
Benoit Lecuona: bass
François Sacco: drums

Guest appearance:

Jens Börner: backing vocals

Geplaatst door Vera op vrijdag 12 januari 2018 - 20:18:27
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