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woensdag 25 september 2019
VISIONATICA: Female fronted with Macedonian roots

Interview with female singer Tamara Amedova and bassist Tim Zahn by Vera in August 2019

Visionatica happens to be a German female fronted symphonic metal band founded in 2016. Their debut album ‘Force Of Luna’ was well received and now they prolong their musical path with the sophomore album ‘Enigma Fire’. We had a debonair conversation with female singer Tamara and bass player Tim about the latest news of this four piece outfit from Bavaria.

How did it all start? The band was formed in 2013. How did you meet and decide to form a band?
Tamara: ‘At first Manuel and me met each other through internet and then we completed the rest of the band. There was a fine chemistry.’
Tim: ‘Tamara and Manu met through the Blackboard. In Germany we have a big music store called Oman. They make an ad and so after a while they found Gerhard. I was the last one they found. That’s how the band was formed.’

The previous album ‘Force Of Luna’, your debut album, was released in 2015. How was it received and could you do some proper gigs to support your entrance into the metal scene?
Tamara: ‘Yes, we did some gigs in Germany, pretty different places in Germany.’

What can you tell about the musical development since then?
Tamara: ‘Of course we learned a lot and we had some good ideas to bring in the music.’
Tim: ‘Music is always like you develop something, so you always find more directions to go, more ideas. Of course your skills grow, this is always a process. So I think that the second album is a big step forward for the band and hopefully the third one too.’

So at the moment you are still a band in full development, finding its signature sound…
Tim: ‘Of course. I hope this never stops.’

What happens to be a development on the second album?
Tamara: ‘In second album we have also arrangements and influences from the Balkan areas. I am from Macedonia. My family made music in Macedonia and when they came to Germany they earned money there by making music. I know this kind of music and I also wanted to bring it in our second album.’
Tim: ‘I would say we became move brave. We became more brave to show our roots and our influences. From the first to the second album there was a lot of development about our special side; so it becomes much more ourselves.’
Tamara: ‘Our own being.’
Tim: ‘Our own trademark. It is like a trademark I would say. It is more ‘us’ now, more personal themes as well.’

Tamara, how did you end up in Germany?
Tamara: ‘I was born there. My father came from Yugoslavia, Macedonia. We still have a big family there and always go on holidays over there.’

What about the lyrical contents of this album?
Tamara: ‘It is about a lot of different things, because I am interested in a lot of different things. Sometimes it goes about war, but also about peace. I like to write about history…’
Tim: ‘I think every song is a little bit unique. We have songs about fear and secrets stories about Egypt. ‘Roxanna, The Great’ really is the historical song.’
Tamara: ‘I am really interested in that and I also do geology and archeology and ‘Secrets Of The Ancestors’ was inspired by that.’
Tim: ‘Lyrics are Tamara’s part. She is the artist in charge for this, so I give her complete freedom. We all do. She comes with great ideas and we try to put it in the music as good as we can, but normally the lyrics are the specific piece of art that Tamara develops, so for me everything is cool and great. I love her style and I try to help her as much as I can.’
Tamara: ‘In addition I also write about what moves the world by now.’

I also hear a lot of symphonic arrangements. Who is in charge for that?
Tamara: ‘It is done by a friend of mine, Armin has, and he is very talented in that.’
Tim: ‘The basic orchestral arrangements came from us and he is a very professional orchestral director and so he has heard our ideas and then he made it really cool. The orchestral part is always a little bit of his art.’

What can you tell about the visual side?
Tamara: ‘It was great making videos for ‘The Pharaoh’ and ‘Secrets Of The Ancestors’. For the artwork we had a nice cooperation with Michael Liewald. It is a friend of mine and he is also playing in a band. He is graphic designer and he has made the cover. The idea for this picture of the burning tree came from me, but he worked it out. Lyric videos are coming up for ‘Fear’ and ‘Roxanna, The Great’. Always fun to see what comes out of the video shootings.’
Tim: ‘And sometimes crazy little scenes happened behind the scenes. One time we were filming in a bunker, during the filming process we were locked out because the door broke. We thought it was a real problem, because it was a stable one. So we were in deep trouble. At that moment it was not so funny, but afterwards everything is funny.’

What can you conclude about this album in general?
Tim: ‘I think the album is a little bit cinematic. If you run through the album, every song is different. Every story is different. It is not the longest album, but you can hear the commitment, every second is interesting. I think it is like a cinema movie.’

Are there plans for playing live?
Tim: ‘We love to play live. We are waiting for concerts to come, but the organizing process is not finished and we hope that we can go on tour, but the last tour offers did not work, so sadly we are still waiting for more shows, but we hope that we can play a lot of shows next year and maybe a few at the end of the year.’
Tamara: ‘Nothing is scheduled, but of course we hope that we can play a tour or something like that.’
Tim: ‘I think the biggest dream is to go on tour now and we hope we can fulfill this dream and also we like to visit different countries. This would be so nice to show them our music and have a nice chat with the people who live there.’

Geplaatst door Vera op woensdag 25 september 2019 - 16:57:19
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