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zondag 17 juni 2007
The Cursed interview: Thrash Icons go southern rock!

Interview with guitarist Dan Lorenzo of The Cursed by Vera in June 2007

In the eighties, two metal bands rose from the underground in New Jersey: Overkill and Hades. The leaders of each band – Overkill vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and Hades guitarist Dan Lorenzo – have joined forces in a new band: The Cursed. Assisted by drummer Mike Cristi (Non-Fiction) and bass player Job the Raver (Murder 1) they have recorded a very straight debut album with a southern feel, called ‘Room Full Of Sinners’. Can this be a link to Hendrix’ ‘Room Full Of Mirrors’? We sent some questions to the band and guitarist Dan Lorenzo promptly answered them and introduced us to the world of The Cursed.

How did this new cooperation come into being, knowing that you all have other bands?

Well, Blitz and I have been friends for years. My old band Non-Fiction toured Europe and America opening for Overkill in 1993. Blitz loved my first solo CD and then he sang one song on my 2nd solo CD "Nice Being Alone". Then I kept bothering him to write with me.

The Cursed is a new band, but with well-known members. Can you tell a bit more about these members and how did you get to know each other?

Job The Raver once told me "My dream is to be in a band like Non-Fiction" so when we started THE CURSED I thought of him first. Mike Cristi was singing and playing guitar for Years of Static, but he said he would love to play the drums for The Cursed. Mike has a new project called Nolenz Volenz. He's really talented. Job the Raver is great...when he's not in jail!

On the 20th of May you played a gig in New York. With eminent special guest appearances! Can you tell us about this evening?

It was awesome! It was my first full show in five years. Joey Belladonna opened for us. People flipped out. Really great.

It was announced as "maybe the only gig ever". Is it going to be the only gig or do you think about some other gigs in future?

I hope we do some more, Blitz is busy singing the new Overkill CD. It depends on how many albums we sell. The more we sell the better a chance of more shows and another CD.

Can we see The Cursed as studio project?

I'm hoping we play more live with somebody like Clutch or COC.

Who are the main composers of the band and how did the songs on this debut were written?

I wrote all the music. Blitz wrote all the lyrics, melodies and harmonies. I would mail him some riffs I wrote and he would pick the ones he liked best. After we wrote 4 songs together we started jamming and quickly wrote more.

The album has a raw vintage sound. This must have been on purpose.
Yes, we didn't want something overproduced. It's pretty much live with some overdubs.

Can you tell a bit more about the recording process?

It was recorded last summer, then Blitz went on the Gigantour with Megadeth and Lamb of God. After that we mixed it.

As Belgian girl, a track in Dutch like 'Leven Als God In Frankrijk' immediately caught my attention. Can you tell a bit more about this track?
Well Blitz' wife is Dutch. I think it describes what a happy life Blitz and I have. We live like Gods in France. Even though we enjoy angry music Bobby and I are basically happy guys. Happily married, nice homes etc…

'Evil, In The Bag' has been quite successful in the States on the radio, isn't it?

Yes. We got some airplay on some big stations we never thought would have played us. That's Scott Mueller from Dog Eat Dog on sax on that song.

You have made a videoclip for it as well. Can you tell about the making of that clip? Who was the director or is it more a live gig clip?

No, we are hardly in it. It is not finished yet...we're all so busy you know?

How did you end up with Locomotive Records?

Screaming Ferret hooked that up. Tim Koukos from the band Red Right Hand. The CD isn't out in America until June 26th.

What are your plans for Europe with The Cursed, or will it be focused as hobby in the States only?

I'll be in Italy in mid August, celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary. All depends on sales as far as THE CURSED performing live.

Any news from the Overkill front?

The new CD sounds great. My friend Ron Lipnicki is on drums now. He added a lot. Ron played on the last Hades CD ‘DamNation’. I told Blitz and DD he was the best. When Tim left I recommended Ron. He also played drums on my three solo CD’s.

Which bands or artists can be seen as main influences on the music of The Cursed?

Old Aerosmith, Sabbath, though I am not sure if we sound like that. Blitz loves Motorhead. Mike and I love hip hop. Job loves everything from the Rolling Stones to Kid Rock. I grew up on old Kiss and AC/DC, bands like that.

The album would be released on the 25th of May. But now I read on the website that it is delayed until 26th of June. Is that in Europe too? What's the cause of this delay?

It's out in Europe now, in America we changed distributors.

If there is any news you want to mention here, please go ahead!

Check out and

Thanks for helping spread the word. Please tell people to buy the CD "Room Full of Sinners" out now.

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