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woensdag 22 april 2009
CRIMFALL: We are not doing our music to please the audience

Interview with Crimfall by Danny (April - 2009)

After the release of such a great debut album as “As The Path Unfolds…” it’s always interesting to get to know the band a little better. So I asked Jakke Viitala (guitarist) a few questions.

Where did the name Crimfall come from?

Crimfall is a result of a brainstorm with Mikko (our male singer). We came up with the word combination Grim Fall. But as it lacks originality, we tweaked it a bit by changing the first letter to C. By writing it like that, it also looks better. The meaning is still the same “Grim Autumn”.

Is there a concept or a common theme on “As the Path Unfolds?”

Even it is not a concept album, it has a certain flow which can be only experienced by listening to the whole thing from the beginning to the end. And as our songs diverse in “As The Path Unfolds…”, so does our lyrical content. So there is no “common theme” throughout the album.

Do you plan to search for some real members for the band or will you keep working with guest musicians?

We have already replaced these imaginary members with real people. So… our studio drummer Janne Jukarainen will continue with us. And for now on the bass is hammered by Miska Sipiläinen. In the future I will still use some session musicians and guest stars as well.

Are you going to perform live? With the same guests as on the album?

Yes, actually we have already played live. With the same guys I mentioned in the previous answer. Hopefully there are more shows to come in the future.

Aren’t you afraid that the mix of styles will frighten some listeners? I can imagine that a Nightwish fan will or can have trouble with Mikko’s vocals.

Nope, I’m not afraid. We are not doing our music to please the audience. For sure there will be some people who don’t like everything or anything we do. I’m not personally concerned about the Nightwish fans. Since we are not female-fronted-female-metal-thingy-band, they are not even our so called “target audience”. I’m more worried if some folk metal fans don’t even bother to listen to us if they see our lady in the picture. It is a pity if some guys dislike the bands by default before even hearing one note.

Why do you mix all these styles?

There are many reasons for that. First of all by using different styles, it is possible to cover a lot more emotions. Everything from sorrow to anger, heroism to loss. I’m also listening to many kinds of music, so I pretty easily get influenced by different things. If I’m not using every different idea I have, I feel like I’m not giving everything. And the last reason is that I simply can’t compose songs or albums that are based around same ideas and loops. I don’t know how some bands can do it and also keep the material interesting.

Who is the painter of the artwork?

The painter is Kris Verwimp from Belgium. I really recommend checking out his other art as well!

Are you known in your own country?

Hah… Not only in Finland but also in the rest of the world….oh and the universe. Can you expect any less after one album ;)

Geplaatst door danny op woensdag 22 april 2009 - 22:59:42
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