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donderdag 24 september 2009
One Morning Left: Exceptional mix of different genres: A Risk?

Interview with guitarist Oula from One Morning Left by Olivier in September 2009

It happens rarely that a band blows you away from the first second to the last. That’s exactly what the Finnish youngsters from One Morning Left did with their second album ‘Panda Penguin Vol.2’. The combination of hardcore, metal, dance and emo sounds fresh, aggressive, catchy and well structured. Do we need to say more? It’s better that we let Oula do the talking. As the guitar player of the five piece band he gave some honest and interesting insights in past, present and future of One Morning Left.

Congratulations with your latest album ‘Panda Penguin Vol.2’. It received a ten out of ten from our webzine Metal-Nose. How are the reactions until now on your latest masterpiece and how do you see the musical evolution of the band?
It must’ve been one of the best reviews we’ve got so far! Feels great to get positive feedback. The reactions on the “album” have been good. Most of the reviews I’ve seen have been satisfying. Of course there are also some bad reviews which are made mostly by people who have never listened to any similar music or hate the whole “metalcore/screamo” stuff in general. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I’m not saying we’re perfect.
The musical evolution has been very fast with One Morning Left. Even the stuff on the EP is getting a bit old. The musical vision wasn’t as clear back then when it was made as it is today. But we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. Our new stuff is a bit more progressive and maybe heavier than many of the old songs. We had played this kind of music for about six months when the first songs of the EP were recorded. It’s nice to see how we all get better and better at song writing all the time.

For anyone who has never heard of One Morning Left: can you describe the band in three words?
One Morning Left is about having fun with music, mixing different genres in unusual ways, taking risks and providing great live shows! We are not going to make the same song all over again.

The sound of One Morning Left is a unique mix of all kinds of genres. How did you come up with the mix of dance and metal/emocore? What are the main influences on the band’s music?
We all like very different kinds of music and simply mix up everything we listen to. At the beginning many of us listened to some electro/synthesizer influenced metal and rock bands. We found out that our bass player Tokke had some skills on synth and decided to add it to our music. So he transferred to that and we got Teme to play bass. Just when we started mastering our new musical style we started getting bored of all new bands sounding the same. Even our influences we’re starting to annoy us and we decided to pursue on creating something fresh.

Who invents crazy song titles like ‘Excuse Me, How Can I Get To The Scene From Here?’ and ‘My Brand New Nikes Made Me Do It’? Are there some overall themes that the band explores lyric wise in their songs?
We all come up with stuff like the song titles together. The titles are just to catch the listeners’ attention. Lyrics are usually not attached to the title. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but it doesn’t seem to bother people too much. The lyrics are not about any certain theme. Some are more serious and some are just plain silly. It hurts me to read some of the old lyrics with typos and bad English, haha.

On your MySpace there is a UK-tour announced. Is it the band’s first really experience live outside of Finland?
It would not have been the first one if it would have worked. Unfortunately the tour is going to be cancelled because of some problems with the festival gig we were supposed to play. Everything was too unsure for us to leave the country. We apologise for all the people in the U.K who were expecting us. We had a euro tour last summer. We played Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and France. Surprisingly many people showed up at the gigs. It was a nice experience although our car broke down in the middle of a Czech forest and the side window got smashed in by some East-Berlin thug. Next tour is going to be a blast! Actually our very first gig was in Latvia at Fonofest.

Are there any plans for a European tour where the Belgian and Dutch fans can also catch you live?
We want to play as many countries as we possibly can. So our next tour will definitely reach more countries. We hope we can make it to our Belgium and Dutch fans as well. It all really depends on the local venues/promoters. If they won’t have us then we can’t come, haha.

Thanks for the interview…
Much love to all the readers of Metal Nose!

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