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woensdag 09 december 2009


In Spring 2010 The Vision Bleak will release its fourth studio album ‘Set Sail To Mystery’ through first class label Prophecy Productions. Save your power at New Years Eve celebrations, because we have a better option!

On January 2nd, 2010, from 06:30 - 09:00 pm, there will be an official pre-listening of The Vision Bleak's fourth album "Set Sail To Mystery" in Berlin's Access Bar (Greifswalder Str. 33, 10405 Berlin, Germany). The musicians will be present for this event to answer the questions of their fans. On top of it, every fan will get a small, exclusive TVB gimmick for free. Herewith I sincerely wanna invite you to this event. As the Access Bar has limited capacities, we ask you to arrive on time. Admittance only as long as there is enough room!

'Under A New Sun' has been named as the title for the up-coming album from The Eternal set to see the light of day in 2010. The album will be the follow up to the acclaimed 'Kartika' & also the bands fourth full length album. We can also reveal that song titles include: 'Control', 'Under A New Sun', 'A Thousand Shades of You', 'Collapse' & 'Cast In Stone' to name a few.
The band have also launched a studio blog which can be viewed at:
The band enter 301 Studios in Byron Bay on December 4th. The blog will be updated daily throughout December with pictures and the latest news on the recording process, so be sure to check it out.

'Under A New Sun' will be produced by Jeff Martin (The Tea Party). Jeff adds this about the album; ‘I proudly re-introduce The Eternal... The type of band I've been waiting to produce. It's been a year now since Mark and I agreed to embark on a journey that begins this December. For The Eternal this will not be a stepping stone but a launch pad. For me, a creative working relationship that allows me to realise an artist's vision and re-connect with past influences, all the while looking into the future...darkly. I envision an alchemical marriage, a musical landscape anchored by organic rock and roll and infested with industrial overtones. To put things lightly, you're not playing with kids here. The Eternal are the real deal.’
The album will be co-engineered by Paul Pilsneniks who has worked with such artists as The Living End, The Mars Volta, Silverchair, Grinspoon & Alanis Morissette, and The Eternal has also enlisted acclaimed Finnish keyboard player Maria Ilmoniemi (Tarja / Husky Rescue) to contribute.

15th anniversary celebration needs big names.
So here you are: CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEVIN TOWNSEND, GRAVEWORM and DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA belong among first confirmed bands for Brutal Assault 2010. And now the party can start...
12.-14.08.2010 - Jaromer, Army fortress Josefov – Czech Republic

On January 25th, 2010 the time of wait is finally over!
Israel's ORPHANED LAND will finally release their highly anticipated fourth studio opus "The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR" in Europe. Mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Opeth), who is also responsible for several keyboard parts on the new album, "The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR" turns out to be a sophisticated concept album taking ORPHANED LAND's unique brand of exotic, heavy music to soaring new heights in terms of complexity and catchiness. It is an audible manifest that the time has come for Middle Eastern metal to take over!

Vocalist Kobi Farhi comments on the album's concept and the striking new promo photo as follows:

"As people that were born into the tragedy of our region, we have always been devoted to creating harmony between conflicts,a musical heaven on earth, a tango between God & Satan. Even in the album's artwork we combined Hebrew and Arabic, regardless of the fight between Jews and Muslims. I found a Jordanian guy, specialized in calligraphic artwork. He took letters from Hebrew and Arabic and moulded them in his art to create a symbol of peace. Same goes for our band photo,where we portrayed a synergy between the three monotheistic religions, that believe in the same God and yet,
ridiculously have been killing each other for centuries "in the name of God" and turned the holy land into an orphaned land.Naturally we continued this idea of union on a musical level as well and the result is as always crazy, it's a miracle - in our concerts: our Jewish fans sing in Arabic and our Muslim fans sing in Hebrew, brave friendships have spawned and our Middle Eastern metal music destroys all this political witchcraft we have been trapped in for so long. This is a musical journey of hope in lands of war, creating heaven on earth, building a new Jerusalem."

Israel's ORPHANED LAND is probably the only band from this country that has managed to succeed at building up a huge following among Muslims and Arabian people. These fans communicate freely via the band's social networking pages,
some of them even proudly bearing ORPHANED LAND tattoos, even though that puts them at huge risk in their home countries! The African musician Fela Kuti once said: "music is the weapon of the future"
- ORPHANED LAND is the living proof of that!



Sigurd "Satyr" Wongraven, frontman of Satyricon, recently talked to and said that the upcoming concert of the band at December, 20 in London will herald a new era for the band:

"From then on, there are going to be a lot of changes in the Satyricon camp, after we take a long touring break and come back a couple of years later, certain people may not be with us any longer. Although we won't be doing anything overly dramatic, we'll be trying quite a few different things, which I think is going to be really good for Satyricon. The reason we're doing that is so we can continue to develop our sound. At the moment we are still enjoying what we do, but if that continues any longer it'll undoubtedly stagnate, so we need to ensure that doesn't happen. And moving in different musical directions is definitely a good way to go about it."

"As an artist, there are so many new things I'd like to do, and one of them is to work on some songwriting for Satyricon, though from an entirely different angle. For example, we may chose to go for a similar tone, but use a different set of instruments in the next record. Maybe there are also other recording techniques, which could add a different element to our work and open up fresh musical territory. Our last three releases all follow a certain style and pattern, and we want to create a record that's radically different from the others. Though the foundation of Satyricon's sound — my songwriting and Frost's signature drumming — will always remain unchanged."

Upcoming release: "AEALO"
Release date: February 15th, US February 23rd

Set for a February 15th release, ROTTING CHRIST's upcoming album is entitled "AEALO", correlatively with the band's will to delve deeper than ever before into their Greek roots.
Frontman Sakis explains: "AEALO is the transcription of the ancient Greek word ΕΑΛΩ into the Latin alphabet. It means thrashing, catastrophe or destruction and reflects the musical and lyrical content of the album. The concept of 'AEALO' deals with the feelings of a warrior during a battle, therefore the album's title bears this sense of anger, fear and grief."

You will also be pleased to know the Greek metallers invited some famous guests to be featured on the album, namely Greek-American vocalist Diamanda Galas and PRIMORDIAL frontman Alan A. Nemtheanga!

Here is Alan's comment: "'Satanas Tedeum' was one of the very first Black Metal demos I got in 1989. I have been a fan since then so it was with pleasure and honour to sing with a band that I have been a fan of for 20 years and friends with from the old tape trading zine network since 1991. We have toured together and I have visited Hellas many times over the years. Somewhere around the late 90s, the scene became fixated with Nordic metal and forgot that great music was still being made in South America, Canada, Australia, Asia, in Eastern Europe and that the Greek scene is one of the oldest. Some of us however do not forget so my contribution is to honour 20 years of great music and friendship...
"It sounds classic Rotting Christ although it sees them continue where they left off with 'Theogonia', further away from the older 'satanic' feel and more into the realm of the ancient Greek gods, mythology and folklore. I think and feel it is this influence that has in many ways unchained the band, giving them more freedom to explore their own heritage and culture. It invokes the proud spirit of history, just as Primordial tries to do! In this respect we are like brothers!"

ROTTING CHRIST main man Sakis made the following comment on Alan's participation: "Collaborating with Alan from Primordial on a song from the new album was an honour for our band. By including his great voice in our album, we believe he brought the mood we were seeking for this specific song: a Celtic mood that has so many similarities with the ancient Greek culture and atmosphere that this album exhales. Alan definitely lifted up the specific song because his voice is great and, most importantly, unique. We are honoured to work with the voice of Ireland!"
As for Diamanda Galas' feature, the song she appears on is a cover of "Orders from the Dead", from the lady's "Defixiones, Will and Testament" album, to which Sakis wrote new music.
"It is a huge honour for our band to have Mrs Diamanda Galas on our new album", Sakis states. "Getting her approval to use her voice as it can be originally heard in her "Orders from the Dead" song feels like we did the most successful cover in our career, with one of the most soulful songs in the history of music. The dead are still waiting for their justification..."

The last leaves have fallen in the old world of Europe, stripping down the trees to wooden skeletons, and a dark wind is blowing from the coldest north to freeze your souls. FINNTROLL will blow their new album "Nifelvind" across the withered earth February 19, 2010. Everybody who thought that the album title is "Mot Skuggornas Värld" should learn his lesson to never trust a Troll. "Nifelvind" was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland and mastered by Mika Jussila
(add any big Finnish Metal band for namedropping) at Finnvox Studios. The album cover artwork was done again by the band's own guitarist Skrymer.

FINNTROLL comments on the album as follows:

"After tough and hectic weeks in the studio, due to lack of time and summer festivals, we are now really, really pleased with the results. "Nifelvind" is the most advanced and mature FINNTROLL-album to date, with musical themes ranging from powerful death metal riffs to dark soundtracks, from pounding black metal to groovy 80's pop-music. All this is accompanied by our trademark sound, lots of never-before-heard instruments in the metal-scene, folklore and legends that make it overall the most versatile
album we have created so far."

The tracklist reads as follows:

1. Blodmarsch (intro)
2. Solsagan
3. Den Frusna Munnen
4. Ett Norrskensdåd
5. I Trädens Sång
6. Tiden Utan Tid
7. Galgasång
8. Mot Skuggornas Värld
9. Under Bergets Rot
10. Fornfamnad
11. Dråp

Whereas the band's unique style has spawned an entire new genre that successfully blends black metal darkness with folkloristic melodies, in 2010 FINNTROLL shall proudly reclaim the folk metal throne and leave myriads of copycats crushed to pieces.

To properly celebrate the release of the new album, FINNTROLL will be headlining the 2010 edition of the Paganfest tour, so see below for the
exact Benelux dates and be there!

Paganfest 2010

FINNTROLL with Eluveitie, Dornenreich, Varg, Arkona and
special guests: Equilibrium & Alestorm

07.03.2010 Tilburg, 013, NL
13.03.2010 Amsterdam, Melkweg, NL
14.03.2010 Antwerpen, Hof Ter Lo, B

More info:

Formed in 1994 and mixing death metal and grindcore since then, Node is without a doubt one of the most active and well-known extreme metal bands from Italy. With four critically-acclaimed albums under their belt and a massive live activity which led them to share the stage with renowned acts such as Death, Anthrax, Lacuna Coil, Fear Factory, The Haunted and many others all around Europe, Node are going to set the world on fire with their brand-new album ‘In The End Everything Is A Gag’, out in January 2010 on Scarlet Records. With the addition of singer Beppe “Rex” Caruso and guitarist Andrea “Attila” Caniato, Node is now, for the first time, a killer five-piece: more technical, powerful and focused than ever! The new album can be described as a mix of all the band’s influences, with a fresh, modern approach which is drawing comparisons with Swedish metal giants Meshuggah. The album has been mastered by legendary Goran Finnberg at Mastering Room, Sweden. Artwork duties were handled by Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, Isis, The Ocean). Stay ready for the ultimate metal massacre! For more info you can visit, and


WARFECT is without any doubt the new big thing coming from Sweden. WARFECT is an explosive mixture of hell bent riffing inspired by giants from back in the day with the addition of a ravishing new trademark sound. The debut "Depicting the Macabre" is a collection of blazing solos in harmony with fast paced rhythm sections accompanied by crushing drum hammering and melodic choruses. A must have for those into bands of the early days of thrash metal like Sepultura, Paradise Lost, Slayer and Metallica. The appointment for the definitive releases is November 16th, 2009.
Find preview of the cover here and here is the final tracklist:

- Tracklist
1. Creation - 2. Heathen Reigns - 3. Depicting the Macabre - 4. Symbol of Submission - 5. I Factor - 6. Supervised Life - 7. Never to Return - 8. Harvest of Trinity - 9. Truth Untold - 10. Atrocity

sample on
more info on

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