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Since Akphaezya ruled on this PROGPOWER EU FEST IN BAARLO with an extraordinary extravaganza show, we want to dedicate this news item to underground label Code666/Aural Music – a genuine pioneer in detecting weird yet sometimes very engrossing music!


UK Progressive Black Metallers FEN have not only just finished work on their third full-length album, they have also renewed their contract with Code666 Records (part of the Aural Music Group) for the release of a further three albums. Formed initially as a studio project in 2006, FEN draws its inspiration from the windswept, desolate landscape of England’s Fen region after which the band was named. By fusing the cold rage of Black Metal with more reflective influences, FEN succeeds in creating a deeply intense, atmospheric, almost otherworldly sound, redolent of loss and melancholic yearning. More information about FEN’s third full-length album, which is titled “Dustwalker” and is a follow up to “The Malediction Fields” which appeared in 2009 and “Epoch” released in 2011, will be available shortly.
FEN frontman The Watcher had this to say about the new contract: “We have been happy with the way we’ve been treated by Code666 in respect of the first three albums, and were impressed by the enthusiasm that the label has always shown for FEN and the faith they have placed in us, so it was logical for us to continue a relationship that was obviously working well”.

FEN is set to appear at the three-day Winter is Coming Festival in New London, Connecticut on the 13th October, marking the band’s first appearance in the USA. Their next European appearance will be at the Aurora Infernalis Festival in Arnhem, Netherlands on the 27 October.
More information about FEN can be found on the band’s Facebook page at
Band Contact & Booking: fenbanduk©
Management & Booking:



Avantgarde Swiss Metallers BLUTMOND agreed to extend the deal with Aural Music for one more album, the upcoming "The Revolution is Dead!" scheduled on late November on code666.
here's what the band had to say about it:
"Damn right, we're back. We had some long and hard negotiations with the code-crew and finally decided to re-sign for our new badass output called "The Revolution Is Dead!".
And guess what, you're not ready for this abomination of swiss insanity!
The real soundtrack for everything you've lost and everything you gonna miss. A rollercoaster of mindfucked hatesongs full of love and lots of lost dreams (but no coffe. Sorry). Free your mind and chose the wrong path. We'll be waiting there."

THE PROPHECY extend deal with code666/Aural Music and is mixing the new album

UK Doom Metal band The Prophecy are very pleased to be able to announce that their fourth studio album "Salvation" will be released through code666 records, As part of our ongoing partnership with code666 and in response to feedback from our fans who have found it hard to purchase our earlier albums we are also pleased to announce that The Prophecy's first two albums 'Ashes' and 'Revelations' will also soon be available to purchase in the aural music webstore.

The band had this to say: " Its taken us a bit longer than we expected however we've finally got it finished. This album is our most focused yet and were looking forward to getting on the road with the new material"

HANDFUL OF HATE returns with code666 after 10 years and is busy at work on their 20th Anniversary new album!

HANDFUL OF HATE, one of the oldest and most respected black metal band in italy, signed a new record deal with code666 (part of the Aural Music Group), returning after 10 years from the 2003 album "Vicecrown".
2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the band, born in 1993, and Handful of Hate is determined to publish the best album of their long career to celebrate 20 years of pure underground black metal without compromises.
here's the official statement from the band:
"Handful Of Hate is proud to announce the agreement with Code666 records for the new album. The collaboration between Code666 and Handful Of Hate started in 2003 with the release of the "ViceCrown" album, nowadays considered a masterpiece and maybe the grimiest and most hateful opus from Handful Of Hate. During 2013 we'll proudly celebrate the 20 years of activity into the Underground and Code666 will take care to release or 6th album in a very special edition. Be sure that this new act of carnal scorn will be the most extreme ever in our History!"

OV HOLLOWNESS to enter Studio recording new album "The World Ends"

Canadian Black Metal one-man-band OV HOLLOWNESS is entering their Studio in Edmonton, Alberta to record the brand new album titles "The World Ends", scheduled on code666 at the beginning of 2013.
here's the official tracklist:
01 Abstraction
02 Grey
03 Hoarfrost
04 An End
05 Ov
06 The World Ends
07 Lost Resolve
08 Hollow
09 End In View


"Control Human Delete new album 'The Prime Mover' is Control Human Delete's second album and follows up 'Terminal World Perspective' from 2007. The process of creation has been nerve-wrecking and destructive, but therefore also ended up being open minded and boundary breaking. These are the ingredients that are clearly
audible on 'The Prime Mover': it destroys, creates, controls, and reveals. With mutual trust and confidence from both sides, Control Human Delete and CODE666 decided to work together again to release 'The Prime Mover'."


Here's the official statement from the band:
"Hey Everybody!
It's been awhile since our last update so let us first start by saying we hope everyone had a great summer! Our summer was a bumpy one but we are looking forward to a smoother ride after our somewhat chaotic last few months. We have some changes to announce that can only be said if bad things happen for good reasons then we hope this is the case.
With a heavy heart we must inform everyone that Tas Ioannidis, vocals/bassist, has left the band for personal reasons. We fully support his departure and wish him all the best and much future success. This change came to us as a shock due to the sudden nature, during the recording of our second studio album. Sadly we had to cancel many shows that were booked, while we apologize to our friends and fans we hope you understand it was out of our hands.
After holding many auditions we are proud to reveal two new additions to the band. Takis Mark is our new vocalist and Kostas Dragon-K is our new bassist. Takis and Kostas are both great musicians that are a perfect fit for Phase Reverse. During the auditions and subsequent rehearsals its as if we have all been playing together for years!
We are now prepared and very excited to enter the studio to work on our second studio album. It is our outlook to release the album in 2013 with the blessings of Aural Music. We will be performing shows throughout the fall with the new line up so our Greek fans will have the opportunity to hear fresh new songs with the new line up before the album's release.
See you all on the road….
Phase is with you all….
Phase Reverse"

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