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Escape Music has set a March 23 release date for PHENOMENA's "Awakening".

People should learn to expect a little awe and mystery. PHENOMENA take us upon a journey where there is nothing pretty about the protagonists of the story that we shall meet along the way. The subject is good against evil.

The story began in the year 1983, when Tom Galley wrote a couple of short stories with a transcendental background. Backed by record label Bronze, the recordings for the album "Phenomena" started soon which finally hit the stores in 1985. Besides the extra-ordinary concept story both musicianship and the names involved with the project are highlights to mention. Names such as Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH), drum legend Cozy Powell (RAINBOW, WHITESNAKE), Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE), Neil Murray (WHITESNAKE) — the elite of the British hard rock scene — had joined the project. "Phenomena" received high critical acclaim in the press and extremely good sales.

The second PHENOMENA album, "Phenomena II - Dream Runner", was released in 1987 and was welcomed with a similarly warm response. The musicians around the Galley brothers had changed slightly, so that this album in the end featured contributions from Ray Gillen (BADLANDS, BLACK SABBATH), John Wetton (ASIA), Scott Gorham (THIN LIZZY) and Max Bacon (GTR), amongst others.

With new label Parachute involved, in 1991 the time was right for "final part" of the conceptional story; "Phenomena III - Inner Visions". Besides Brian May (QUEEN) and Keith Murrell (AIRRACE), you'll here also find performances by Michael Sturgis (A-HA) and Scott Gorham (THIN LIZZY). "The Complete Works" were released in a triple fold-out digipack by Escape Music.

However, the PHENOMENA concept continued in 2006 under the banner "PsychoFantasy", which strictly follows the traditions of its three predecessors. Besides the concept story background, you will once again will find a whole bunch of amazing artists performing on this record: Tony Martin (BLACK SABBATH), Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE), Keith Murrell (MAMA'S BOYS) and Mel Galley (WHITESNAKE, TRAPEZE).

In September 2010 a new chapter began with a whole host of musicians, and "Blind Faith" was born to explosive effect. With new vocalists like Robin Beck, Terry Brock (STRANGEWAYS) and Rob Moratti (SAGA), a whole new world was unveiled and the concept became so fresh again. The rock audience once more were thrilled to hear the latest in this timeless story.

In 2012 we will all hear the new album "Awakening", an album chock-full of new ideas and featuring James Christian (HOUSE OF LORDS), Lee Small (SHY) and Toby Hitchcock (PRIDE OF LIONS) as well as familiar faces like Rob Moratti, Terry Brock and Mike DiMeo. Powerful songs executed by some of the finest rock musicians make this a hugely enjoyable album and it boasts a fine production from Tom Galley and Martin Kronlund. Here you will find straight-ahead rockers with powerful melodies along with up-tempo ballads and beautiful choruses.

* Toby Hitchcock (PRIDE OF LIONS)
* Terry Brock (STRANGEWAYS)
* James Christian (HOUSE OF LORDS)
* Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR)
* Lee Small (SHY)
* Rob Moratti (ex-SAGA)

"Awakening" track listing:

01. Smash It Up
02. Reality
03. Homeland
04. Going Away
05. Gotta Move
06. How Long
07. Shake
08. Fighter
09. Dancing Days
10. Stand Up For Love

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