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British gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST will release their highly anticipated new album "Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us" on Century Media Records on September 28, 2009.

Promising to be an even darker and heavier album than its extremely successful predecessor "In Requiem" (2007), you can now get a first impression of the new opus at the band's official MySpace page. Just head over to
and enjoy the album's stunning opening track "As Horizons End".

Nick Holmes (vocals) comments:

"This song is about someone who's on a downward spiral. Working too hard and trying to claw back some positive spirit by participating in all the so called joyous occasions in life, socialising and networking but to no avail, the long days have crushed the soul till only disappointment and cynicism remains. This song was inspired by the
thousands of dishevelled looking middle aged businessmen I see in airports each year.

This track has had a dozen face lifts since its inception and in true fashion, it was never intended to be the first track. Once it was mixed though it was hard to imagine any other song opening the album."

Greg Mackintosh (guitars) adds:

"The whole point to this song was to capture a feeling of foreboding.
Like when a thunderstorm is approaching. All the chord progressions are supposed to give an ominous sense of dread. The mid section lulls you into thinking that you're safe only to discover there is much bigger storm on the horizon."

For more info on PARADISE LOST please visit:

Swedish melodic metal masters LION'S SHARE have posted "behind-the-scenes" video footage from the making of their critically acclaimed "Dark Hours" album on their YouTube channel

"Dark Hours" grabbed the #3 "Most Added" slot on the CMJ Loud Rock chart and #5 on FMQB's Metal Detector chart, where it also debuted on the metal airplay chart at #50 with a bullet! The video for "Judas Must Die" has been accepted by "Headbanger's Ball" (air date to be announced) and is currently being played on over 100 stations in USA.

"Dark Hours", which features a guest appearance by Michael Romeo of SYMPHONY
X, was voted "album of the month" in Sweden Rock magazine and made the Top10 in most of the other major European metal publications.

"Dark Hours" is out now on BLISTERING RECORDS (Europe & North America) and


Blistering Records is proud to announce the signing of Swedish hard rockers THE POODLES for the European territory.

Founded in late 2005 things moved rapidly for The Poodles with the band entering the Swedish leg of the Eurovision Song Contest which led to the big breakthrough in their native country.

The debut album “Metal Will Stand Tall”, climbed to the top of the Swedish charts. The first single “Night of Passion”, went gold after only three weeks and platinum not long after. The band played over 100 shows in Sweden before heading out on a European tour with HAMMERFALL and KROKUS that took them through 31 dates and 18 countries.

The sophomore album “Sweet Trade” was released in late 2007 with the second single “Streets of Fire” becoming the band’s biggest seller to date by going double platinum.

Shortly after The Poodles headed out on yet another tour around Europe, this time with Swiss hard rockers GOTTHARD. This was followed by their own headline tour in the spring of 2008 with 17 sold-out shows throughout Europe. 2008 also saw The Poodles participate a second time in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest plus getting the honor of performing the official Swedish theme song for the Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

On “Clash of the Elements” the band has worked with some of the giants in the music industry - including legendary producer/engineer Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake). The band is currently on a tour that will take them all over Sweden until the end of August with a full-scale European tour to follow later in the year. The album will be released in Europe on August 28th by BLISTERING RECORDS with promotional preparations already in full spin.

Make no mistake! The Poodles are shooting for the stars with this one!



In november 2007 gaf de Nederlandse band DELAIN een bijzonder optreden in de Broerenkerk in Zwolle onder de naam ‘A special evening with Delain: Acoustic & Electric'. Deze zeer succesvolle avond krijgt op zaterdag 31 oktober 2009 een vervolg onder de noemer ‘Delain: November Rain (The Final Edition)’. Delain zal voor de tweede keer een exclusief concert geven in de Broerenkerk te Zwolle. Voor deze gelegenheid wordt het gebedshuis opnieuw omgetoverd tot een heuse rocktempel. Binnen de sfeervolle en intieme setting van deze kerk zal de band zowel materiaal van hun nieuwe album "April Rain" als van het debuut "Lucidity" ten gehore brengen. Delain laat tevens weten voor dit zeer unieke concert verschillende ‘special guests’ te hebben uitgenodigd, waaronder frontman Marco Hietala van de Finse topact Nightwish. Lees hier het volledige persbericht.

Nieuwe media & video(clips):

Voor wie de Duitse TV zender WDR kan kan ontvangen in Nederland of Belgie: In de nacht van zondag 12 op maandag 13 juli is op de WDR televisie in het programma Rockpalast het HEAVEN & HELL concert van 16 juni in de Museumsmeile in Bonn te zien. Rockpalast begint om 00.30 uur.

Luister hier naar het nummer 'Headcrusher' van het nieuwe MEGADETH album "Endgame"!

BLACK STONE CHERRY speelde onlangs in de Benelux en sprak de band in Zwolle. Klik hier voor het interview met zanger/gitarist Chris en gitarist Ben over de nieuwe Special Tour Edition van "Folklore & Superstition", de bonustracks op dat album, de recente shows in Engeland en Graspop, mogelijke Michael Jackson covers etc. Een drumsolo van drummer John Fred Young zie je hier, en foto's van de optredens op de Graspop Metal Meeting en in Zwolle zie je hier.

Gitaristen opgelet! DiMarzio (producent van gitaarelementen) sprak met John Petrucci van DREAM THEATER over zijn nieuwe 'Music Man' gitaar, de samenwerking tussen DiMarzio en Ernie Ball, het verschil tussen Petrucci's live- en studiospel, zijn techniek en het testen van spullen. Bekijk het interview hier.

PORCUPINE TREE maakt details nieuw album "The Incident" bekend. Release 18 september (Benelux) op Roadrunner Records
COLLECTIVE SOUL 's nieuwe album "Collective Soul (Rabbit)" komt 21 augustus uit op Loud & Proud/Roadrunner Records
Het nieuwe BORKNAGAR album "Universal" is klaar, live dates aangekondigd

Upcoming release: "Isolation Songs" (CD Digipak)
Release date: August 3rd, August 25th in the US
Now all of you already know the title of GHOST BRIGADE's upcoming sophomore album due next August 3rd ? "Isolation Songs".
Guitarist Wille explains the meaning of this title: "We had a few different working titles for this record but "Isolation Songs" was the one that we collectively felt good about. I remember reading through the lyrics of this album just before we went to the studio in order to come up with an album title and the word "isolation" came to mind several times. The songs themselves aren't directly about that at all but I think that having a feeling of being isolated has been an inspiration or a driving force to at least some of the content of these lyrics. And if you think about our songwriting process in general, "Isolation Songs" is probably the best possible title to characterise that as well. I for example have to be completely isolated from the outside world to write riffs, melodies and songs for Ghost Brigade, it just doesn't work any other way. We can't go to our rehearsal room and jam until we come up with something "pretty cool". This band digs deeper than that. And besides, "Isolation Songs" sounds like it's a title of a country album and that of course, is a big bonus. ;)"

WINDS OF PLAGUE will release their new full-length release, "The Great Stone War", on August 11th, 2009 in the US and August 24th, 2009 in Europe. A concept record and their most epic and unrelenting offering to date, this album is going to
quickly propel the band to the forefront of the worldwide extreme metal scene.

The brand-new track "Soldiers Of Doomsday" has now been officially
premiered at the band's MySpace page, so head over immediately to and catch a glimpse
at the carnage that awaits!

A video teaser giving you an impression of the album's stunning artwork by
Par Olofsson (The Faceless, Exodus, Psycroptic)
can be viewed here:

Johnny Plague (vocals) further comments on the album's concept:
"I decided as a challenge to myself to write this new album as a story. I have always been a fan of concept albums as I feel it adds an overall depth to an album. Bands like Blind Guardian and Dimmu Borgir have been huge influences on me.
Their albums always seem to have this narrative based feel to them. With this idea and I hope to achieve the same affect on others as their albums had on me. The idea of "The Great Stone War" is that civilization as a whole will digress and
in time inevitably end with one final battle. This battle will not be fought with technology but with stone. Over the course of eleven tracks the listener hears about a journey foreseen through the eyes of a heathen in a religious world apocalypse. Even in the world's darkest times you always have to take a step back and see life for what
it is and not lose sight of what is most important."


EN DECLIN is ready to release their 2nd album on My Kingdom Music

September is the right time to release the new EN DECLIN album. After the great succes of "Trama" the are ready to shock you with the sound of the new masterpiece "Domino / Consequence". Once again it's dreaming music with a more direct and full of energy sound, but also with great Progressive and Indie contaminations for a new little jewel of shaded melancholy and emotional intensity in the vein of ANATHEMA, TOOL and KLIMT 1918. Don’t leave the great Beatles’ cover “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

- Tracklist
1. Fourteen Days - 2. Over - 3. Envied Routine - 4. Naiive - 5. Domino - 6. Consequence - 7. Keyword Out Of Context - 8. Leave Apart A Sense - 9. The Script - 10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles cover) - 11. Dipped - 12. Keyword Out Of Context (bonus track - italian version)
sample on

INFERNAL ANGELS joins My Kingdom Music

With great honour MY KINGDOM MUSIC welcomes its new top act: INFERNAL ANGELS. The only true pretenders to the throne of the Italian Black Metal have signed a deal for the release of their new album "Midwinter Blood" that will see the pale light of the cruel world on Sept. 28, 2009. Expect an album that will be a masterpiece of epic violence, rotten vocals and obscure melodies with a very personal sound and a great production. It's a must for all fans of Taake, Dissection, Gorgoroth, Naglfar and old Aeternus, an Epic masterpiece of pure incontaminated Italic Infernal Black Metal You must have it!

- Tracklist
1. Prologus Odii - 2. Melody Of Pain - 3. Midwinter Blood - 4. Coronation Of Dark Victory - 5. Conquering The Throne Of Sin - 6. A New Era Is Coming - 7. Tutto Quel Che Rimane - 8. Sangue - 9. Inesorabile - 10. Epilogus Humanitatis

sample on

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